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Raman, Jai; Sugeng, Lissa:

3D Echocardiography in Valvular Heart Disease
Preis:   106,99 Euro

Verlag: Springer-Verlag London
Erscheinungsdatum: 2018
Seiten: ca. 288 pp.
Abbildungen: ca. 360 ills. -290 in col. With online files/update.

ISBN-10: 1-84882-796-2   
ISBN-13: 978-1-84882-796-7

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Three-dimensional (3D) echocardiography is now an accepted modality in the assessment of the heart and more so with the ability to perform 3D transesophageal (TEE) echocardiography. Of particular importance to the cardiologist is the ability of 3D echocardiography to evaluate the structure and function of the heart valves. The Editors have already conducted the first two courses in the world dedicated to the use of 3D TEE and this book is based upon the materials prepared for that course.
Preface.- Foreword.- Glossary.- The history of Echocardiography and 3-D Echocardiography.- Differences between 2- and 3-D Echocardiography.- Aortic Valve ? Stenosis.- Regurgitation.- Endocarditis.- Mitral Valve ? Stenosis.- Regurgitation.- Endocarditis.- Tricuspid Valve ? Stenosis.- Regurgitation.- Adult Congenital Valvular abnormalities.- Unusual Valvular Problems.- Peri-operative Use of TEE.- Post-operative Use of 3D TEE.- Prosthetic Valves.- Volumetric analyses of the ventricles.

There is a strong emphasis on correlation with surgical findings. Additional strengths of the book are comparison between two dimensional and three dimensional echocardiography in the diagnosis of valvular heart disease, planning of valvular interventions and monitoring of therapy.