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Oniscu, Gabriel; Forsythe, John; Fung, John:

Abdominal Organ Retrieval and Transplantation Bench Surgery
Preis:   145,00 Euro

Auflage: 1st. ed.
Verlag: Wiley
Erscheinungsdatum: 04/2013
Seiten: ca. 216 pp.

ISBN-10: 0-470-65786-3   
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-65786-7

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Provides transplant professionals with a step-wise approach to abdominal organ retrieval and bench surgery, illustrating complex anatomical situations and providing practice points and decision algorithms. A go-to reference for transplant surgeons, trainees and fellows, as well as for other professionals involved in abdominal organ transplantation.
List of Contributors

Foreword Peter J. Morris


1 Organ retrieval logistics
Murat Akyol and Victor Lee Tswen Wen

2 Strategies in Preservation of Abdominal Organs
Rutger J. Ploeg

3 Management of the brainstem dead organ donor
Neil Young and Dermot McKeown

4 Multiorgan retrieval
Gabriel C. Oniscu

5 Kidney retrieval and bench surgery
John L. Forsythe

6 Liver retrieval and bench surgery
Gabriel C. Oniscu

7 Liver NHBD retrieval
Paolo Muiesan

8 In situ liver splitting
John Fung and Koji Hashimoto

9 Ex situ liver splitting
Dieter C. Bröring

10 Pancreas retrieval and bench surgery
Peter Friend

11 Intestinal retrieval and bench surgery
Douglas G. Farmer, Prawat Kositamongkol, and Hasan Yersiz

12 Paediatric age-specific aspects of retrieval and bench surgery
Chiara Grimaldi and Jean de Ville de Goyet