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Moy, Linda; Heller, Samantha L.:

Breast Oncology: Techniques, Indications, and Interpretation
Preis:   167,98 Euro

Verlag: Springer
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016
Seiten: ca. 345 S.

ISBN-10: 3-319-42561-7   
ISBN-13: 978-3-319-42561-0

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Chapter are written by expert researchers and specialist clinicians to ensure the reader is exposed to an in-depth and current understanding of the issues relevant to best clinical MRI breast practice
This book contains multiple high quality images to assist the reader in easily recognizing and identifying key features of breast MRI techniques, anatomy and pathology
A clear focus on current state of the art imaging will ensure the readers familiarize themselves with exciting and promising developments in the field as they move from realm of research and investigation into the realm of standard of care
This book presents up to date debates and issues in the world of breast MRI with a very practical focus on how to incorporate current understanding of breast MRI into clinical practice. The book is divided into three key sections, all of which have critical impact for the breast imager: Techniques introduces the reader to the parameters of breast MRI from standard sequences to up-to-date cutting edge techniques. Indications provides a careful review of the accepted indications for breast MRI from High Risk Screening to use of breast MRI, in the context of neoadjuvant chemotherapy with a detailed analysis of the evidence-based support for these indications and a careful look at controversies and debates within the field. MRI Findings, Interpretation, and Management takes on the topics of how to interpret and manage specific MRI findings from benign to malignant disease with a focus on radiologic-pathologic correlation. The section also incorporates a focus on key management dilemmas, including appropriate follow-up intervals for benign findings on MRI and management of probably benign lesions assessed as a Breast Imaging Reporting and Dictating System (BI-RADS)-3 category on MRI.