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Wacker, Frank; Lippert, Herbert; Pabst, Reinhard:

Arterial Variations in Humans: Key Reference for Radiologists and Surgeons
Classifications and Frequency
ET: 20.09.2017

Preis:   149,99 Euro

Verlag: Thieme
Erscheinungsdatum: 2017
Seiten: ca. 292 pp.
Abbildungen: ca. 1.200 ills.

ISBN-10: 3-13-200471-5   
ISBN-13: 9783132004719

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Based on the landmark work Arterial Variations in Man: Classification and Frequency by Lippert and Pabst, this atlas presents the full range of arterial variations that occur in the human body. Adding an interdisciplinary perspective to the original text, Arterial Variations in Humans: Key Reference for Radiologists and Surgeons shows variations of the arteries with schematic diagrams alongside their corresponding radiological images. Chapters begin with schematic and radiological depictions of normal arterial blood supply, followed by images of the arterial variation, to enable rapid identification of individual variations. This unique resource also includes statistics on the frequency of specific arterial variations and explanations of their embryologic origins.
Special Features:

Coverage of arterial variations in the head, neck, spine, thorax, abdomen and pelvis, and upper and lower extremities with separate chapters devoted to each major artery
Clearly drawn schematic outlines and their correlating high-quality radiological scans-more than 900 illustrations in total-highlight arterial variations

Images of the "normal" arterial anatomy as described in standard textbooks are provided for side-by-side comparison with the arterial variation
Percentages for the frequency of occurrence of arterial variations with references to the source of the data
Concise and lucid descriptions in each chapter facilitate complete comprehension of normal and abnormal vascular anatomy
With Arterial Variations in Humans: Key Reference for Radiologists and Surgeons, radiologists will gain a full understanding of the diversity of arterial anatomy-essential knowledge for the accurate interpretation of pathological changes in diagnostic imaging. Interventional radiologists and vascular and general surgeons will also find this book valuable for planning and performing procedures safely and effectively