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Lorenc, Z.P.:

Aesthetic Rejuvenation Using Injectable Agents
Preis:   ca.  179,99 Euro

Verlag: Thieme
Erscheinungsdatum: 12/2020
Seiten: ca. 240 pp.

ISBN-10: 1-62623-557-0   
ISBN-13: 9781626235571

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Statistics show that injectables remain hugely popular in aesthetic rejuvenation. Neurotoxin and filler technology is rapidly evolving, and there is much interest in the use of fat as a filler. Edited by a plastic surgeon, this clinically oriented book on injectables provides a strong focus on the combined use of toxins, fillers, and fat to achieve global rejuvenation. It includes case and problem analyses to aid in decision making. The book is accompanied by an anatomical head dissection video and procedure footage.