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Sanna, Mario; Russo, Alessandra; Taibah, Abdelkader:

The Temporal Bone
Anatomical Dissection and Surgical Approaches

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Verlag: Thieme Stuttgart
Erscheinungsdatum: 03/2018
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ISBN-10: 3-13-241934-6   
ISBN-13: 978-3-13-241934-6

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Temporal bone anatomy is arguably the most complex anatomy in the human body. The proximity of vital neural and vascular structures, the intricate three-dimensional relationships involved, and the manner in which these structures are encased in a labyrinth of bony canals pose a major challenge to the preparation for and performance of the surgery. It follows that specialized anatomy teaching courses are indispensable and these are most effective when delivered in the form of dissections on cadaver preparations.
Mario Sanna's Temporal Bone is a guide to the dissection courses that the author himself would have sought to have while he was receiving training-as such, creating it has been a "dream come true." The manual is designed to complement and reinforce the experiences of course participants, comprehensively covering the normal and surgical anatomy of the temporal bone and all aspects of basic and advanced otologic and neurootologic surgery.

Key Features:

The surgical anatomy is shown with the help of specially prepared cadaveric dissections
The approaches/techniques in these dissections are described step-by-step
For every approach/technique, the surgical anatomy, indication, surgical steps, and hints and pitfalls are described
Temporal Bone effectively transmits Mario Sanna's passionate dedication in otologic teaching and training to excellence. Residents and fellows should definitely find it indispensable.