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Strauch, Berish; Herman, Charles K.:

Encyclopedia of Body Sculpting after Massive Weight Loss
Preis:   209,99 Euro

Verlag: Georg Thieme Verlag
Erscheinungsdatum: 11/2010
Seiten: 368 S.
Abbildungen: 488 Abbildungen

ISBN-10: 1-60406-246-0   
ISBN-13: 978-1-60406-246-5

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A premier collection of body contouring techniques for a growing patient group Encyclopedia of Body Sculpting after Massive Weight Loss provides uniquely comprehensive coverage of a variety of state-of-the-art surgical body modification procedures for the patient who has overcome obesity. The text begins with an introduction to the particular physiologic and psychological implications of massive weight loss, including the effects on nutrition, anesthesia, pain control, and psychology, and a review of the current techniques utilized in bariatric surgery. The sections that follow feature concise descriptions and full-color illustrations that guide readers through each region of the body, from the face and neck, through the breasts, arms and mid-abdomen, to the back and thighs. Expert authors from around the world, many of whom are the innovators of the procedure they describe, offer multiple surgical options for each anatomic region in order to give readers the opportunity to choose the optimal approach for their specific patient. Features: 488 full-color illustrations demonstrate preoperative appearances, operative techniques, and postoperative outcomes An accompanying DVD contains 17 narrated videos-over one hour of footage-of actual procedures as performed by the authors Detailed discussion of safety considerations, as well as how to recognize and treat surgical complications Practical tips on how to handle anesthesia concerns and pain control Valuable information on nutrition and the psychiatric management of eating disorders With obesity on the rise and the marked increase in bariatric procedures over the past decade, this highly relevant reference is essential reading for every practicing plastic and reconstructive surgeon, bariatric surgeon, and weight loss physician, as well as for all residents or fellows in the field.