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Botti, Giovanni:

Midface and Neck Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Vol. 2
Vol. 2: Midface and Neck

Preis:   350,00 Euro

Auflage: 1st. ed.
Verlag: SEE Editrice - Firenze
Erscheinungsdatum: 05/2013
Seiten: ca. 500 pp.
Abbildungen: ca. 1800 ills.

ISBN-10: 88-974383-5-0   
ISBN-13: 978-88-9743-835-9

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The first chapter in this second volume introduces my vision of the ageing process in the midface and its surgical treatment. Many of the theories are similar to those of Giovanni, even with slight “differentiating traits”. One of the aims of this chapter, therefore is to show a different point of view on anti-ageing surgical treatment of the midface, i.e., the use of malar implants.
- The physiognomy of the malar region
- Our approach to ageing of the midface
- Midface = orbito-malar area
- Implants
- Smooth silicone Implantech implants
- A brief outline of practical anatomy
- Dissection of the malar region in an anatomical specimen
- Choosing the implant
- Indications for the choice of different implants
- Surgical techniques
- Intraoral approach
- I - The limits of the pocket
- The infrapalpebral approach
- The preauricular approach
- Surgical techniques
• closing of the pocket without any manoeuvres on the SMAS
• closing the pocket with SMAS plication
• closing the pocket with SMAS imbrication
- A didactic-anatomical explanation
a) positioning the lateral part of the implant in the subcutaneous layer
b) increasing the volume of the area by creating a dog ear
c) lipofilling within the SMAS
d) lipofilling performed at a later stage
- Il - Lipofilling in the midface
- The orbital region
- Some examples of patients belonging to the first class
- Some examples of patients belonging to the second class
- A midface lifting with an associated augmentation malarplasty with some surgical steps
- Clinical cases
- A midface lifting with an associated augmentation malarplasty: a step by step surgical sequence

- Orbital prominence and malar prominence
- Measuring the malar prominence
- Some strategically important measurements
- Technical hints for the upper eyelid

Midface and Neck Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
- Technical hints for the lower eyelid
- The vertical dimensions of the eyelids in patients with prominent eyes
- Some clinical cases

- Criteria of beauty of the neck
- The various layers of the neck
- I - The skin
- Skin undermining
- 1st Class
- The extent of skin undermining in 1st class patients
- 2nd Class
- The extent of skin undermining in 2nd class patients
- 3rd Class
- The extent of skin undermining in 3nd class patients
- The thickness of the flap
- Some considerations on the treatment of the deep strata
- A didactic-anatomical explication
- Some reflections on limited undermining techniques
- II - The subcutaneous adipose tissue
- Infraauricular and submandibular lipectomy
- III - The superficial muscular stratum (the platysma muscle)
- 1) The undermining
- Some practical anatomo-surgical points regarding the platysma
- Undermining of the platysma: surgical techniques
- Why undermine the platysma?
2) Traction vectors
3) The sections
A) Lateral section
B) Anterior section
C) Total section
- The level of muscular section
- Observations on neuro-muscular complications in the region
- Platysmal bands
4) Sutures
A) Anterior sutures, B) Lateral sutures, C) Central sutures

Midface and Neck Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
- Plication and Imbrication
- Central suspension by undermining and imbrication
- The technique of central suspension by plication
- Plications and imbrications in particural cases
- IV - The deep adipose tissue
- Dissection of the adipose layers of the anterior region of the neck
- Subplatysmal lipectomy
- V - The submandibular gland
- VI - The deep musculo-fascial layer
- The digastric muscles
- The mylohyoid muscles
- The perihyoid fascia
- The mandibular contour
- The anterior mandibular region
- A psychological parenthesis of the semantics of the body
- An implant versus an osteotomy
- The most commonly used prostheses for augmentation mentoplasty
- Ptosis of the chin
- The mid mandibular region
- Latero-mental depressions
- Latero-mental bulging
- The posterior mandibular region
- Surgical techniques
- A series of intraoperative photographs
- Summary cards

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Botti, Midface and Neck Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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Indeed, twenty years of work with malar implants has given me a great advantage in dealing with this technique and the rare complications that can arise. My fervent opinion is that the application of implants is extremely helpful and gives generous results in rejuvenation of the midface. In the past few years many papers have been published which implicate the loss of volume in these areas as being the fundamental cause of ageing. From this we can deduce that the addition of external volume, besides fat grafting, can in many cases represent an optimal solution for this problem.
The second topic dealt with in this text is the surgical treatment of the neck. I have preferred to present this chapter by first analyzing all the structures of the neck, starting from the external layers and working inwards, explaining with clarity the various treatment options for each layer depending on its depth. The text explains the procedures to associate with the various situations to obtain the best results. I have described both the simpler techniques and the more complex ones with the premise of obtaining the best results possible, sometimes with a particularly non-conservative procedure. More than the surgical aggressiveness, this approach is often driven by the desire to obtain the best result possible in this challenging area.

I have attempted to filter the contexts by eliminating a series of interesting but less important details and giving priority to the images and explanations which are direct and to the point. I believe that the intraoperative photographs and other images taken of on-going dissections are more helpful to teach anatomy than what can be done with words. Mario Pelle Ceravolo

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Botti, Giovanni:
Midface and Neck Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Volume 1: Midface

Verlag: SEE Editrice - Firenze
Erscheinungsdatum: 01/2012
Seiten: ca. 560 pp.
Abbildungen: ca. 2.732 pictures

ISBN-13: 978-88-8465-063-4

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